Only fully approved, current members are listed on our website.  Any establishments not on our website is not a member and is NOT approved by IBKCA.

The Irish Boarding Kennels & Cattery Association (IBKCA) was founded in late 2006 by a group of Kennels and Cattery owners who were concerned by the lack of standards and support within this Industry. The IBKCA is the only organisation representing Boarding Kennels and Catteries in Ireland.

Our mission:

To establish a standard of excellence in all IBKCA approved establishments.

Our Aim:

To support and encourage our members in their endeavours to provide top quality animal care. All approved registered IBKCA members undertake to commit to the IBKCA’s Code of Ethics and Defra’s Five Freedoms.

Meeting our customer’s needs:

If you need a dog or cat boarding kennels you want to be confident your pet will receive the best possible care in your absence. You need someone who will provide a high standard of care for your dog or cat – always being attentive to their safety, comfort and well-being. For your peace of mind an IBKCA approved and listed Boarding Kennels or Cattery must provide the service it proclaims to offer.